City Lights in Cambridge, MA,  first opened its doors in 1975, and for over thirty years, has had the largest and finest collection of antique chandeliers and wall sconces in New England.  Over six years ago, owner Chris Osborne, after making a random purchase of older industrial lighting, started designing and making steampunk-inspired lighting.  

Chris Osborne, owner of City Lights in Cambridge and, displayed his functional art pieces, with sticker prices starting at $195. Last year, Osborne sold some of his pieces to J.Crew’s Madewell brand, where they hung in the store’s Fifth Avenue window in New York City.

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Part machine, part light, and part R2-D2" is how Chris Osborne, owner of City Lights Antique Lighting in Cambridge, describes his one-of-a-kind lamps. Each design adjusts in myriad functional ways - twisting this way and that, telescoping to new heights, and reconfiguring with the spin of a valve. Made from recycled machine parts and utilitarian period shades, the constructions are made in a more playful version of "steampunk" style.
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Osborne has recently delved into steampunk, creating lamps that seemed plucked from the sets of Brazil or Blade Runner. The Lab Rat Ronny was created from old lab equipment. One can imagine Dr. Frankenstein working by the glow of Osborne's Diabolical Boxes. And the Backbone incorporates machinery eerily reminiscent of vertebrae. "For me, it's the opportunity to dream up crazy-looking things with superfluous embellishment," he explains.  
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Steampunk was not what City Lights Antique Lighting was selling. Not at first. Now it’s selling Steampunk in a big way.

After 35 years, this seller of high-end antique lighting fixtures has found a niche that lets owner Chris Osborne fulfill his creative urges. Osborne says he stumbled into creating items to fit into the baroque, eccentric feel of the genre, which puts high-tech into Victorian brass. (Think Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” or, if you must, of “Wild Wild West” and its giant, mechanical spider.)

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